Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sisters Only

Fridays are normally David's and my date nights. The kids go over to Mom & Dad's (Keaka also sleeps there, and occasionally Mateo does, too), and David and I go out to dinner, go shopping, catch a movie, or even just stay at home and spend quality time together. 

This past Friday, however, he scheduled overtime and worked late, and had a late dinner with a few friends at Buffalo Wild Wings. Soooo, I took Talia out on a sisters-only date. 

We went to an old favorite, Japanese restaurant, Tsuru's (now known as Sono Bana). 

We got there shortly after they opened for dinner, and little did we know, it happened to be Happy Hour!!! YEEEEHAWWWWW!!  -no, ya crazy, we didn't get crunk off sake... But you BEST believe we did take advantage of their 1/2 off sushi rolls lol. 

Two orders of Fried California Rolls

Shortly after getting our sushi, they brought out our entrees- Makunouchi Bento. Sooooo so deliciousssss... 

Miso soup (not pictured), salad (not pictured), tempura, tonkatsu, chicken teriyaki, noodles, beef stir fry, rice, and your choice of sushi or sashimi. 

I finished most of mine... Couldn't finish my noodles and a few of my tempura. Talia took a lot home hahah. That happy hour sushi we started out with almost did us in before we even began haha! 

How full we were after leaving

We were disgustingly stuffed. Sore and all, but it was so worth it haha. We did some shopping afterward to walk it off LOL. We definitely need to hana hou when Kels is pau with school and comes home!!! 

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